The Mercedes EQV is a large 100% electric minivan, from the E segment, with a premium focus. It has qualities that are almost extinct in the market, such as a very versatile body with capacity for many passengers and a construction that seeks to please the most refined models of the brand.

It has all the appearance of an industrial van, although the lights, the huge front grille with the Mercedes star and the careful exterior finish all contribute to giving it that touch of luxury vehicle that it really is.

The range of engines actually consists of a single electric motor located on the front axle, together with all the power electronics that a vehicle of this type implies. In reality, the Mercedes EQV is a direct adaptation to an electric vehicle of an industrial vehicle in turn adapted for the transport of passengers, in which the chassis with stringers has facilitated the placement of the batteries under the floor and the large front space for the thermal engine has made it possible to house everything related to motorization and cooling.

The EQV battery has an energy storage capacity of 90 kWh in its EQV 300 version, enough to take this huge vehicle up to about 300 km of autonomy, more or less real (355 km WLTP).

The interior of the Mercedes EQV is a very spacious motor room for up to 8 passengers (2 + 3 + 3), but it can also be configured in two rows of 3 + 3, leaving an incredible boot of just over 1,000 liters in the rear.

The dynamics of the Mercedes EQV is that of a van with a very low center of gravity, but with a lot of total weight. Taking into account the objective of the car, which is to transport its passengers and luggage with the maximum level of comfort and silence, it is not to be expected that its chassis will offer sports performance, although it will undoubtedly have the “punch” that all electric vehicles offer, especially starting from a standstill.