Looking after the Environment

By March 17, 2020 No Comments

At Central de Autocares Menorca, specialists in the rental of buses with driver in Menorca, we are committed to the environment, as demonstrated by the fact that our buses carry the C label issued by the DGT (Directorate General of Traffic).

Label C confirms the following information:

-Euro level of vehicle emissions.

-QR code that verifies:

>The year of registration of the vehicle.

>Make and model of the vehicle.


>Category and electric autonomy.

>Euro level emissions.

>Fiscal potential.

-Registration number and fuel used by the vehicle.

-DGT logo.

With the constant renewal of our fleet, we manage to lower its average age considerably, ensure the comfort and safety of our passengers and take care of Menorca, Biosphere Reserve all at the same time.

The latest vehicle we have incorporated in our fleet is a Man 59-seater coach with Beulas bodywork, a Cygnus model designed so that it stands out on the roads. We are using this Man coach for the balance it provides between profitability, exemplary environmental consideration and maximum comfort and safety which meet the demands and needs of our customers